Warning Signs Of Construction Claims From The Planning Stage-By AtoZ Compliance

April 25th, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT

If early warnings of potential construction claims will help your business, then we have the right module for you in this webinar.

This session will help you to identify what actions can be taken, when some of the warning signs are observed, to resolve potential construction claims and disputes. Understand;

  • Early warning signs of claims – some as early at the planning, design and bidding phase of a project
  • The ramifications of ignoring such early signs
  • What type of claims may grow out of each situation and what actions you can take to protect yourself

Why Should You Attend:

  • Learn about the many early warning signs of claims and disputes
  • Learn what types of claims and disputes can arise from each warning sign
  • Understand what must be done to prevent such follow-on claims and avoid disputes

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

  • Get a lengthy list of early warning signs of claims and disputes
  • These warning signs are divided into three distinct project phases – Bid or Proposal Phase, Initial Contract Phase and Construction Phase
  • Identify which party should watch for which warning sign.
  • Know what sort of claim or dispute is likely to arise from which warning sign

Instructor James Zack Jr., is the Senior Advisor of Navigant Construction Forum. He is an expert in mitigation, analysis and resolution of construction claims.

At AtoZ Compliance, we focus on our core values – quality, expertise, and customer experience which are the foundation of our business. We believe that our up to date training programs will help you grow and succeed in your business.


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