Know how to deal with special problems related to Form W-4-By AtoZ Compliance

April 04th | Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm EDT | Duration: 90 Minutes
CE Credits: Approved for [1.5 PDC by SHRM] and [1.5 credits by HRCI]

If compliance auditing applies to your business, then we have the right solutions for you in this webinar.

Form W-4 has just seven lines but it is a fundamental part of the payroll process. In addition to information concerning the amount to withhold for income tax, the W-4 provides the employer with documentation of due diligence in soliciting employee name, Social Security Number, and address information. It is critical for penalty mitigation in the event the information is incorrect.

The Form provides a basis to have the correct amount of tax for employee withholding, but if it is prepared incorrectly, the employee may be subject to penalties. While the employer is not responsible for assuring correctness of the employee’s claims, the employer is responsible for due diligence with regard to invalid forms and withholding according to the employee instructions provided by the form.

If you want an understanding of the proper handling of special situations and requirements such as employee taxation exemption from withholding and non-resident alien W-4 Forms, then join us for this interactive session.

Course Description:

This course will discuss the function and requirements of Form W-4 and how the information it provides is critical to the payroll process as well as how to avoid problems and identify and correct problems such as invalid or improperly filled out forms and errors in processing.

  • Understand the employer’s legal obligation to withhold tax
  • Know what must or must not be included on each line of Form W-4 and how to identify invalid Forms
  • Understand the importance of SSN verification and how to include it in the payroll process
  • Know how to deal with special problems and situations related to Form W-4

Speaker Problem:

Instructor Patrick A Haggerty is a tax practitioner, author, and educator. His work experience includes non-profit organization management, banking, manufacturing accounting, and tax practice.

At AtoZ Compliance, we focus on our core values – quality, expertise, and customer experience which are the foundation of our business. We take extreme care in selecting topics which are highly relevant to you.


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