How Employees Protect Themselves From Workplace Violence -By AtoZ Compliance

Key Take Away :

This anti-harassment trainingwebinar will explain more than just self-defense, by providing strategies, tactics and techniques for predicting violent behavior, defusing agitated people, getting help and protecting yourself from violence.

Overview :

Are you looking to learn potentially life-saving skills to protect yourself from active shooters and other forms of workplace violence including bullying in the workplace and discrimination against women in the workplace?

Workplace violence/ discrimination in the workplace can range from verbal abuse to physical assaults directed toward persons at work or on duty. Workplace violence can result in a range of consequences from psychological issues to physical injury, or even death. Violence can happen at any workplace and to any type of worker, but the risk for fatal violence is greater for workers in sales, protective services, and transportation, while the risk for nonfatal violence resulting in days away from work is greatest for healthcare and social services.

Get employee harassment training, be prepared to protect yourself!

Why Should You Attend :

Refuse to be a harassment in the workplace statistic! Give harassment training for employees. Mass shootings and other types of violence in the workplace are on the rise. Prior to 2014 the US averaged less than 17 workplace shootings a year. In 2015 there were more the 260!LGBT issues in the workplace are also on the rise!

Areas Covered In This Webinar :

First, we’ll examine workplace violence,LGBT workplace issues, overcoming negativity in the workplace, training millennial in the workplace, workplace bullying, workplace harassment prevention, workplace investigations, workplace investigations employee rights, as well as the scope and impact.

You will learn the 4 Types of Workplace Violence and the associated risk factors for each type.

Techniques for Identifying potentially violent individuals and the major warning signs for violence will be discussed.

Violence De-escalation Skills both verbal and non-verbal will be explained.

A Personal Protection Protocol for when you find yourself threatened or under attack will be provided. This includes a number actions like sheltering in place or escaping but also simple, effective, self-defense techniques that do not require strength, athletic ability or extensive practice.

Self-defense tools for protection from violence will detail the pros and cons of -Firearms? Pepper Spray? Stun gun or Taser? Improvised Self-Defense Tools?

You’ll learn what to do after experiencing a violent event. Should you seek medical or psychological help? What are your rights? Do you need a lawyer?
Learning Objectives :

An Overview and Definition of Workplace Violence
Recognising the 4 Types of Workplace Violence and Associated Risk Factors
Techniques for Identifying Potentially Violent Individuals
Violence De-escalation Skills
A Personal Protection Protocol if Threatened or Attacked
Responding After a Violent Event

Who Will Benefit :

People who work with the Public
Healthcare and Social Service Workers
People who work in Remote or Isolated situations
Retail and Restaurant Workers, especially Closers
Workers who travel regularly
People with concerns about their co-workers
For more information, please visit :
Toll Free: +1- 844-414-1400
Tel: +1-516-900-5509

Speakers Profile :
Joe Rosner
Joe Rosner is the Director of Best Defense USA and a nationally recognized expert on workplace violence and personal safety for health care and other occupations. The aim of Joe’s organization is to impart his military, law enforcement, bodyguard background and sales and sales training skills for his audiences’ benefit. He has Black Belt in three martial arts, is a private pilot and a certified self-defence instructor. He is the author of Street Smarts & Self Defence for Children as well books and articles on workplace violence prevention and personal safety for healthcare. Joe has presented at The National Emergency Management Summit, The American Healthcare Association, The Heartland Healthcare Conference, and numerous state healthcare and hospital conferences. His credentials include law enforcement, military and bodyguard experience and growing up on the south side of Chicago. Joe has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Realtor Magazine, and other industry publications as well as on numerous radio and TV programs.


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